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Welcome to StudentConnect

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We Got Your Back!

StudentConnect is a College Social Learning Platform for college students, online learners, coding bootcamps, self taught digital nomads, or anyone else looking to get ahead in life.

We are an education technology company focusing on bringing students the best virtual learning experience possible with in person on campus features.

Virtual to in person. Our platform is a unique one of a kind solution focusing on the most important aspect of education - peer to peer learning.

Studies show student to student engagement is the highest metric for student outcomes and success, yet unfortunately there are very few solutions to one of the biggest problems in education.


Introducing - StudentConnect

Unlimited Use Cases!

Below are just some of the several features and use case scenarios enabled by our industry defining College Social Learning Platform


Q: Studying alone at home or library and wish you had someone to study with?

A: We got your back. Chat with all of your fellow classmates in real time from the comfort of your laptop, ipad, or mobile phone.

Q: Do you wish there were more organized study groups?

A: Get instant notifications on all of your courses when a fellow classmate organizes a study group and join in person or virtually from the comfort of your dorm, house, library, coworking, coffee shop, or just about anywhere else.


Q: Wouldn’t you love to make new friends and meet new people at your school?

A: On the Campus Life Newsfeed virtually engage with your entire school!!

Q: Have you ever wondered what the name of your fellow classmate was?

A: Now you can search for all of your classmates by entire campus, course, or organization.

Q: Need some extra help?

A: Get all your questions answered in the Help Desk or on our virtual learning platform in CampusChat.

CampusLife Newsfeed

Set status, organize campus wide social and academic events, share videos, speak what is on your mind, make polls, share location, join organizations, and get more involved

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Set Status

Make posts and set statuses on CampusLife Newsfeed for your entire school to see, engage, and interact with

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Explore, organize, create, and discover events on your entire campus, course groups, pages, or organizations

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Post Videos

Find something worth sharing and wish you could start a conversation with your entire school?

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Make Polls

Create engaging interactive polls with your entire school

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Share Location

Make it easy to create virtual to in person engagement

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Explore, discover, and engage with all student organizations and pages



One of the most unique messenger chat apps with student focused learning utility tools such as:

Collaborative Whiteboard, Collaborative Document, Screen Share, Audio Video Broadcast, Audio Video Chat, Audio Chat, Translate Messages, Set Statuses, Send Stickers and Emojis, and most importantly chat and get to know your fellow classmates inside and outside of the classroom

Learning sessions are engaged upon mutual agreement on price and time. Use our platform to conduct virtual tutoring sessions to earn some extra income or feel free to use for free

Collaborative Whiteboard

With one simple click on chat window start a real time Collaborative Whiteboard session

Collaborative Document

With one simple click on chat window start a real time Collaborative Document session

Screen Share

With one simple click on chat window start a real time Screen Share session

Live Stream

With one simple click on chat window start a real time Livestream within your entire campus, course group, or organization

Audio Video Chat

With one simple click on chat window start a real time Audio Video Chat session

Audio Chat

With one simple click on chat window start a real time Audio Chat session

Translate Messages

With one simple click on chat window you are able to translate messages to a different language
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Set Status

Set your status as Available, Away, or any custom notification

Stickers Emojis

Express yourself with stickers and emojis!


And of course last, but not least - chat and get to know your fellow classmates!!

Help Desk

One of the best paid Q&A platforms on the planet. Set out a bounty for your question and get it answered right away!

Tutors in a network get notifications for subjects they are qualified to answer, so given monetary incentive you will get your questions answered ASAP and get to pick the best answer!

Who doesn’t love helping others? Tutors love it even more because they can earn extra income with their spare time. It’s a win win for everyone!

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Set out a bounty for your question and get it answered right away!


Pool from a large network of expert tutors and fellow classmates


Earn extra income while helping your fellow classmates. It's a win win for everyone!

The Technology in Action

Help Desk

One of the best paid Q&A platforms on the planet
Set out a bounty for your question and get it answered right away!
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Collaborative Whiteboard

Collaborate on our Whiteboard in real time to get that tricky equation solved for you!

Collaborative Document

Collaborate on documents with others in real time and get instant feedback on your papers and immediate help with editing
Set agendas, record and play back each session, and download for later
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Study Groups, Football Games, Ultimate Frisbee

Organize, make, and join events for both CampusLife activities and Course Groups


Never before has there been a centralized platform for all social and academic activities on campus!

The most unique and innovative social learning focused utility messaging platform in the world


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Depending on the size of school or social learning network


Hear it from our customers and students whose lives have been improved

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