StudentConnect is a College Social Learning Platform for college students, online learners, coding bootcamps, self taught digital nomads, or anyone else looking to get ahead in life.

We are an education technology company focusing on bringing students the best virtual learning experience possible with in person on campus features.

Virtual to in person. Our platform is a unique one of a kind solution focusing on the most important aspect of education, peer to peer learning.

Studies show student to student engagement is the highest metric for student outcomes and success yet unfortunately there are very few solutions to one of the biggest problems in education.

Vision of Company

The vision of our company is to help students get the most out of their college experience both socially as well as academically by being the world's leading technology focused social learning education platform.

We envision a world in the future where every college student in the world will be leveraging our technology to get the best grades and education possible. We also envision enriching those same students' lives personally by improving overall happiness, a sense of belonging, and emotional support with a sense of community.

Our platform really will capture two of the most important aspects necessary to learn and grow.

Education and social learning is our focus, but we also dream of being the reason people fall in love and get married and have kids, make the lifelong friendships necessary to land a job after graduating college, or start a company while in school.

The possibilities are truly endless and no company on earth has ever captured one of the most important aspects of learning - with friends.


The thesis of our company is our belief backed with tons of research which proves that when a student is engaged with the course material and engaged with social campus life the level of success, retention, graduation rates, and overall positive outcomes is through the roof.

Students learn better with fellow classmates. There is no better way to learn than to learn from your friend and there is no platform breaking the ice facilitating these interactions.

Founders Story

Alex Muhlbach has been an advocate for education and mastered the social learning experience while pursuing his dual major degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

He never would have gotten through college if it weren't for his ability to quickly make friends with his fellow classmates.

Muhlbach has taken his mastered process to social learning online with a dream to build the most successful edtech company in the world.

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